All Who Labor

Labor Priests and Laity in Action

February 28, 2023 Anna Nowalk Season 1 Episode 3
All Who Labor
Labor Priests and Laity in Action
Show Notes

On this episode of All Who Labor, Anna Nowalk speaks with Fr. Sinclair Oubre (Catholic Labor Network) about carrying on the legacy of labor priests and the complexities of labor activism. She also speaks with Nancy Conrad (Maryland Catholic Labor Network) about the Maryland Catholic Labor Network and Catholic labor activism during the pandemic.

Rerum Novarum:

•After her time working at the YCW, Nancy Conrad founded and spent over a decade working in the organization that eventually became the Esperanza Center. 

Cover art by Belle Moldovan. 
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Fr. Sinclair's interview was recorded on January 24, 2023. Nancy Conrad's interview was recorded on December 13, 2022.

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